The Project We Will Build in Humboldt Park

Modeled on the success of St. Leonard’s House, the project planned is a campus-style community of 42 affordable housing units in Humboldt Park that will include:

  • A stable environment safe from the people, places, and things that could draw an individual back into his or her old lifestyle;
  • A community of individuals bonded by shared experiences where they can support each other as they work to reinvent themselves;
  • A rich menu of wraparound services to support the residents with the tools and skills they need to set personal goals and work toward realizing them;
  • Job skills, vocational training, and connections to employers to help the residents achieve financial self-sufficiency;
  • Continuing education such as GED, college preparation, and literacy, based on the personal needs and interests of the individual residents;
  • Life skills such as parenting, budgeting, computer literacy, banking, and anger management;
  • Relapse prevention and 12-step programs for individuals with substance use issues;
  • “Moving On” planning and assistance as residents ready themselves to re-enter the community.
  • A computer lab and Multi-purpose classroom; and
  • Linkages to community resources

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